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Duis Fitness

Westwood Fitness

Westwood Fitness Aerobics Schedule

Adult Toning
This is a total body toning class that provides exercises with particular emphasis on (but NOT limited to) the glutes, thighs and abs.  A variety of equipment is incorporated, such as arm/leg bands, weights, stability balls and many more.

Ashtanga (Power) Yoga**
This class focuses on increasing arm, leg and back strength, as well as flexibility and circulation.  It has been proven to lower blood pressure; improve digestion, posture and sleep; and maintain an overall youthful feeling by slowing down the aging process.  Beginners to advanced are welcome.  This class is offered at the Duis Recreation Center.

Body Sculpt
This class is a perfect mix of total body conditioning, strength training and core work.  Using body bars, hand weights, steps, medicine balls and mats, this workout is guaranteed to leave you feeling better than you’ve ever felt before.  Body Sculpt is taught by an experienced instructor who will guide you through each exercise and help you reach your long term fitness goals.

Boot Camp
This is the chance to kick start your training.  Boot Camp is back and better than ever.  This will be an outdoor based program at Westwood Fitness & Sports Center, incorporating a wide variety of activities intended to push yourself to the max.

Cardio Trio
This class is a great way to start off your weekend.  A different workout is offered  every Saturday.  This class includes all different types of cardiovascular activities.

It’s time to rise above the excuses.  Step outside your comfort zone. And make the shift from “I can’t” to “I will.”  Because if you want results, you’ve got to work hard for them.  Leave whatever is holding you back outside of class and master athletic training drills, cardio conditioning, and strength training to reach your personal best, no matter where you’re starting from.

Intro to Cardio-Strength Training
This class is a light to intermediate introduction to strength and cardio training taught by a Certified Personal Trainer.  Gain guidance and support on your road to improved fitness.  This friendly, non-intimidating class can be enjoyed with little to no exercise experience. 

Muscle and Toning
Jump start your metabolism!  This early class is designed for a complete and total body workout.  Focus will be to increase flexibility and tone up all of the muscles in the body by using steps, weights, stability balls and special aerobic-cardio movements.

Senior Fitness Class**
Join us in this healthy and social program that is designed specifically for seniors.  Fitness is achieved through the use of Dynabands and with the help of chairs.  Dynabands may be purchased at the front desk. 

Spinning is a high-energy, non-competitive group workout that burns an average of 500-700 calories per class.  It’s fun and easy to learn.  Using our stationary cycles, the class follows an instructor through a guided ride of varying levels of intensity while using music and visualization for an intense, motivating workout.

Step Aerobics
Step aerobics targets the lower body for firmer buttocks, hips and thighs, while helping strengthen and condition the upper body.

Step and Strength
This is a great cardiovascular workout with steps, slides and core-development, followed by stretching and toning.

Total Body Toning
A mix of cardio and strength training.  Students will be led through a variety of exercises designed to increase the heart rate and strengthen the muscles throughout the body.  This class is a perfect workout for those who want balance between cardio and weight training.

FinalWB_Dark_WithTaglineWellbeats is a collection of on demand virtual aerobics classes and is a supplement to the current schedule of live aerobics classes at Westwood Fitness.  Wellbeats scheduled classes are available, as well as open studio time.  Open studio time is available on a first come, first serve basis and fitness users simply access the kiosk and select the class of their choice.  

Youth Fitness Class
For ages 9 - 14, this class will teach the basic concepts of health, fitness, weight training, gym etiquette and technique while instilling a positive feeling about regular exercise.  After youth complete and pass 4 sessions of the class, they will receive a specially colored ID card.  This ID card will allow them access, with a parent/guardian, into Westwood Fitness and Duis Fitness. They will not be allowed access without the ID card or a parent/guardian present.  This class is free with a Family Total Fitness Pass but non-passholders may pay to participate.  For details on dates, times, fees and how to register, please refer to the Sterling Park District Program Guide. 

**This class is not included with a Total Fitness Pass. For details on dates, times, fees and how to register, please refer to the Sterling Park District Activity Guide. 

Duis Recreation Center
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Westwood Fitness & Sports Center
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