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Martin's Landing & Sinnissippi Dam Walkway

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Martins_LandingThe Sterling Park District, the City of Sterling, the City of Rock Falls, the Coloma Township Park District and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources celebrated the Grand Opening of the Sinnissippi Dam Walkway and Martin's Landing on September 20, 2008.  The Sinnissippi Dam Walkway provides a link between the ever expanding trail system in Sterling and the Hennepin Feeder Canal in Rock Falls. The Feeder Canal ties into the main Hennepin Canal and becomes part of the Grand Illinois Trail.  The Sinnissippi Dam Walkway offers bicyclists, runners, walkers and other recreational users a safe and scenic route across the Rock River.  Martin's Landing is the welcoming point to Sterling and the entry to the ever expanding trail system in Sterling.  It is a place where people can sit and relax and enjoy the beautiful view of the Rock River.

10th Avenue & 2nd Street (behind the Dillon Home Museum)


Gazebo Shelter
Trail - connection to Hennepin Canal Parkway Trail 

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